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Honoured to be part of the Executive Secretary Magazine re-launch with the articles below…


Living with Uncertainty

Interview with Ana Isabel, Astrologer

Interview with Ana Isabel, astrologer par excellence, for Spirit Radio. Click on the link below to hear about my astrological chart and character, she was so spot on… And you can connect with Ana at

Interview with Tom Evans – The Bookwright

Interview with Tom Evans on Radio Lightworker about finding your Oomph and how my book Whack Around the Head came to life.

 Interview with Mel McGee

Interview with the fab Mel McGee of about how I got into personal development, what motivated me to write Whack Around The Head, and all things purpose, passion and power, including some tips for women in business!

The Women’s Business Club

As you will have noticed I’ve been busy writing, writing, writing.

This particular article is entitled ‘How to dump bravado and get real’ – please take a moment to click here and read more.

Interview with Natalie Cooper of Changeboard
If your life is spiralling out of control, how can you reclaim it? And why should you take risks? For answers, and a whole lot more, check out my interview with Natalie Cooper of Changeboard… Definitely not same-old same-old!

Live interview on BBC Radio Manchester !
Hear me quizzed about getting a whack around the head by Heather Stott, BBC Radio Manchester –
click here to listen to the recording.

Archived Inner Leadership Briefings for you to enjoy and download…

Inner Leadership Ezine

Dump Positive Thinking! – 15th Nov 2011

So What do you Really Love – 11th Oct 2011

Goodbye to the Goodies – 20th Sept 2011

What’s your frequency – 17th Aug 2011

Moral Leadership – 26th July 2011

Unlocking the Power of YOU!! – 5th July 2011

Magnificent or what? – 21st June 2011

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