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I’m Skin Prickingly Back!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

November 6th blog post… I wrote, “Be back soon’.  In the great scheme of things, almost 8 months later is truly an inconsequential spit in the ocean. Well. a spit as far as transformational journeying goes.

Not unsurprising…

Like a harvested field, I’ve been burning off arrogance, omnipotence and other dark side smack side hell side personality crap!   I hear me judging myself for swearing in public…   But crap doesn’t get used as a fertiliser for no good reason.  It’s fecund with possibilities and creation.  And, it’s my experience that always, but always, when I work with my crap what’s even more challenging emerges… something of the best and most noble in me.

Whatever you do, don’t give me what’s best and noble in me!!!  Haven’t I done enough, Universe?  How the hell am I going to serve and live up to this one?

If you’re a traveller of  journeys yourself, these sentiments will not be unknown to you.  I/they burn with a passion of profound inverse humility!  How dare I think I’m not up to the job when it’s been assigned to me in the certain knowledge that I am?

I’m crying profusely now… vulnerable and red skin raw.  My offerings feel like my very blood and guts… these  things I was born to do… and I struggle without adequate vocabulary to describe them.   And I struggle with putting my head above the parapet.  Yet I’m aflame with visions.

Pictures of how you and I and the whole of humanity could live in I/thou relationship.  Images of how our everyday lives at work and at home could be fantastically transformed with qualities of love and grace.  How you and I could truly operate from not my will but thy will be done… and, paradoxically, the immense and joyful freedom that brings.

If I was passionate before… I now carry my own personal incinerator in which I become consumed and rise again.  Purpose, passion and power has nothing on this!  It’s beyond beyond.

And, through this process, I’ve been inspired to create ‘Unlocking The Power Of YOU!’ teleseminars and programme … This is where I re-begin, where I start anew offering of myself all that I understand and experience to be profoundly true.  All that burns unquenchingly in my heart and soul.

And… having put my head above the parapet… when will you?




Gone fishing!

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

If you hit this page and wonder why it’s been so looooooong since the last update, it’s because I’ve ‘gone fishing’.

Am in transition; re-thinking myself.  Re-thinking how I behave in the world, personally as well as professionally.  Re-thinking  right relationship with other people, and way beyond.  Rethinking who and what I am as a spiritual being as well as a human one.  Re-thinking my purpose passion power.  Re-thinking how I want to manifest them… and the complex scribbly-doo magnificence of my core creative urge inside .

Be back soon!

Dark Side of Servant Leadership

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

DARK SIDE I think the American term ‘Wahooooo!’ aptly describes my recent life experiences, what with work, play, new grandchildren, working on PR and     marketing materials for my new book, developing new coaching packages and enjoying nourishing times with family and friends… so exciting!  And, I got invited by the superb Dr Jack King to write a guest post on his blog.  A real honour!

So, here it is… click on the link to discover the Dark Side of Servant Leadership and how to avoid it!  And catch up with some great added value comments there too…

What about the music?

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

The UK’s just crawled out of recession with a whimper.  Davos has just failed to reach consensus.

I keep getting told, due to the crash, there’s been a shift in the ‘doing business paradigm’ towards flattened hierarchies, a collaborative approach, shared responsibility and… I almost want to burst into song!  ‘The hills are alive with the sound of music…’

They might have been alive with the ‘we’re all going to work together more humanely and creatively…’  but I don’t see much evidence of it.  Humans make all kinds of promises when in trouble,  like praying to a god.  Only to renege on those promises when things get better.  A selective ‘forgetting’.

For an old paradigm to be overthrown you have to reach critical mass.  But I’m impatient for the new and hacked off by the seductive pull of the old.


And what holds us back clutching at the familiar?  A ‘familiar’ outdated and dysfunctional for a world of business moving and vibrating  far faster than we’ve ever known it  before.  What holds us back is our enduring existential fear of change and the unknown!

Fears are there to be worked with creatively.  Name them, face them and then ‘take tea with them'; welcome them into your parlour.  Then and only then can you achieve mistressy of your fears through developing that Inner Leadership.

Then and only then can you creatively inspire, influence, motivate and mobilise yourself, as well as others, to create and BE THE CHANGE … a massive, quadruple win  for business and humanity as a whole.

I’m so riled about the slipping back and reneging on potential.  And that ‘hot’ response tells me there’s work for me to do.  To what music of change and to what fears am I not paying attention?  And to what music of change and what fears aren’t you?

Let’s hear it for untrustworthy leaders!

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

The deepest essence of  leadership is Inner Leadership.  Logic tells me that no Inner Leadership means no followers.  But I’ve known some seriously untrustworthy leaders with generous followings.  So, how on earth do they do that?

Suddenly, thinking of Inner Leadership, I realised naive superb me had been seeing through her idealistic glasses again!  It was obvious why untrustworthy leaders can have generous followings.

Firstly, ‘presence’ is the stuff of leaders while charisma is the stuff of ‘gurus’ and ‘superstars’… who also have followers.

No surprises then that the untrustworthy leaders of whom I’m aware absolutely excel at doing charisma.  They’re very, very, very affable.  They’re so good at consciously creating high levels of rapport that they’re almost ‘snake oil salesmen’… convincing to the point of ludicrousness.

Secondly, I’ve followed untrustworthy leaders myself  in the past, one over many years.  And, guess what?  I did so for my learning!

I found out exactly how it felt to be on the receiving end of untrustworthy leadership.  When reality dawned, it wasn’t a pleasant experience or one I wanted to ever inflict on anyone else.

Plus those untrustworthy leaders mirrored back to me my own untrustworthiness, my own ability for ‘snake oil’ salesmanship.  I discovered my own superifical ‘guru/superstar’ and the part of me who could shaft other people  in the name of self-preservation and success.

Happily, being aware of your personality ‘parts’ can bring you freedom from them.  Only when you can identify with a part can you then learn to dis-identify from it; to have mastery/mistressy over it rather than it being in charge of and running you.

So I feel much gratitude for the untrustworthy leaders I followed.  I am thankful for their pivotal role in my growth as a human being as well as a leader; for their contribution to my own Inner Leadership.

And, as well as learning from trustworthy leaders, here’s a big ‘Yayyyy’ for their opposites, the untrustworthy ones and all they can teach us… however challenging that might be.

Here’s to the crazy ones…

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Where’s the audacity in organisations and their people?  Even with the current economic situation, where much has been said about doing things differently, I see clients wanting to return to the status quo ‘comfort’.  No change here thank you!

Courageous, intrepid, dauntless, adventurous, impertinent and forward.  Extremely bold, daring and original.  Highly inventive.  Lively, unrestrained and uninhibited.


Einstein, Elizabeth Fry, Leonardo da Vinci, Florence Nightingale, Richard Branson, Anita Roddick, Steve Jobs, Mo Mowlem, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, my 73 year old aunt graduating with her first degree…

Extra-ordinary people?  Or just ordinary people going the extra mile with themselves?

And what if you listened to your own ‘inner leadership’, the voice which calls you to your own extra mile?

Uncomfortable?  Scary?  Likely to cause controversy?  Possibly. Yet what’s the enormous price of you playing ‘small’ and denying your own purpose, your own passion and your own power?

What’s the thing only your voice can say, only you can be and only you can do which will be of service to others, humanity and yourself?

When you know that… go, be and do it!

As Steve Jobs once said… “Here’s to the crazy ones…”

If You Make A Mess At Work…

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Been thinking about relationship messes at work; same old same old human miscommunication, projection and downright unconsciousness. And sometimes it seems to me that the politics of the playground rule!

So how do we resolve that? My heart sinks when I think of the industries & professions that have cropped up to deal with this issue alone… 1:1 coaching, team coaching, HR, mediation, conflict resolution and Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

I would love to be totally redundant and that there were no relationship messes at work… or anywhere else for that matter.

But without individuals within organisations committing to personal growth work, i.e. exploring their selves and becoming familiar with what makes them tick to the point of making choices about how they behave… big gasp of air! Both a long sentence and a tall order I suspect.

But without that awareness and ability to choose, the pain of relationship messes is destined to continue. And so often people ‘daydream’ about causation, giving themselves even more pain by personalising other people’s not so hot behaviours. Sometimes that’s reality and often it’s not!

So a simple maxim which applies both to people who cause messes and those who consider themselves recipients of others’ messes. If you make a mess and can clear it up, do so… then move on. If you can’t clear it up… just move on!

What relationship mess could you deal with today or whenever you’re back at the coalface?

‘Bump & Grind’

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Last night I caught Shirley Bassey, a veteran UK superstar and cabaret artist, in a TV tribute show. There she was, still strong voiced, thrilling her fans, bumping and grinding in sequinned splendour.

I was impressed by her being true to her brand after all these years. And, at the same time, I felt poignancy that nothing about her ‘performance’ appeared different to how she was decades ago.

Not her problem! The perception was of course all mine.

Particularly as personal and professional evolution are two of my important values. Being an evolving ‘self” which gets richer over time and, in consequence, enriches your role… rather than you just ‘performing’.

An evolving self which not only engages with others but enables them to engage with you too. A relationhip of presence and respect which encourages and applauds the best from others; which serves them and, by so doing, enriches you too.

Dame Shirley gave me a great gift. In those moments I got the full impact of a conscious realisation. The kind which hits you like a sledge hammer when the slow burn of creeping awareness hasn’t worked.

I’m leaving behind my own version of ‘bump and grind’. An ‘in-yer-face’ personality ‘performance’ behind which I could hide my evolving self. A defence fueled by an historic fear of paradoxically being ‘too much’.

No more! As Karan Salmansohn said, “You’re nobody ’til somebody hates you”! Or as Seth Godin puts it, when you’re being your ‘remarkable’ self you’ll always have criticisers. And what I know is the more you embody your evolving self, the more ably you’ll deal with those underminers.

So… what’s it to be? ‘Bump and grind’ or evolving self, ‘bump and grind’ or evolving self, ‘ bump and grind’ or …… ?

Leading With Purpose

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

I’m writing a book which includes revealing your purpose.  As my research has unfolded the clearer I’ve become that working in line with your purpose needs to be done purposefully. Which means with all of your heart and all of your soul and all of your mind!

A commitment to your purpose demands total loyalty and faith… nothing more, nothing less.

It might mean you disturbing the status quo and encountering unpopularity as President Obama is doing with his intended reforms for medical care in the US.  It might mean you making a stand like Rosa Parkes, a black woman who refused in 1955 to give up her bus seat to a white woman on the grounds of race.  It might mean that you go to jail for your cause like the late 19th and early 20th century ‘suffragette’ women who, refusing food, were force-fed.

Are you courageousness enough for any of that?

It might be unlikely you’d ever have to face those challenges.  However, unless you’re prepared to go to the edge of the cliff and fall if you have to, how on earth can you lead with purpose?

© Sharon Eden 2009

Leadership & Turning Up

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

It’s over a month since I last blogged… a whole month.  Yes.. it’s been one humdinger of a month with lots of calls on my time, energy, emotions, mind, body and spirit.

And that’s no excuse for not turning up!

I weary of the ‘authenticity’ ploy used by some web personalities as to why that link didn’t work or why they didn’t come up with the goods when they said they would.  Whatever the reason, bottom line is, if they’d committed to something, they just screwed up.  Like I screwed up this month.

And any Leader worth their salt takes responsibility for their actions.  Any leader worth their salt just says, “I screwed up guys. Here’s what I learned. And here’s how I intend to take this forward.”

Look forward to blogging more regularly from now on!

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