Are you, or someone you know, suffering from … Stress? Depression? Monday morning blues? Lack of direction, meaning or purpose? Low energy and lack of enthusiasm? Lack of engagement with people or ‘There has to be more to life than this’ feelings?

With Whack Around The Head you discover how the emotional gap from being dispirited or bored to being enthusiastic about your work is actually minute, and easily achievable through engaging with your purpose, passion and power… whatever your current post!

“Fun, punchy, engaging, down to earth, inyerface. Good blend of commonsense perspective and profound depth about life. The exercises are great, easy to follow and Sharon’s examples and self-disclosure really give it life.”

John Leary-Joyce, CEO, Academy of Executive Coaching

My new book’s packed full of the kinda stuff which can definitely turn your life around. Especially as it contains full frontal how-it-is revelations and new exercises you won’t find anywhere else!

Imagine feeling down and within minutes feeling soooooooo good to be alive. Imagine sighing with boredom and within minutes seeing how you can get a kick out of your job and life. Imagine feeling frustrated and within minutes being passionate about what you can achieve.

It really all is just a hair’s breadth away! Whack Around the Head: Purpose Passion and Power at Work Right Now!

“This is the kind of book to which one can return, finding new inspiration each time.”

Christine Miller MA FRSA, Founder & nEditor ReSource Magazine and The ReSource Foundation

Indeed, what you’ll get in its pages is 100% tried and tested ways to move forward, illustrated with real-life stories about about how my clients and I turned our own lives around.

“This book is like no other book you have read before… brimming with insight and authenticity which can only come from profound personal and professional experience… It is like a personal and intimate conversation with a close and trusted friend who is completely honest with you.”

Stan Hornagold, Director, The Marstan Group

Whack Around The Head is now live on Amazon. So, go on… be cheeky and take 30 seconds to look inside! Whack Around the Head: Purpose Passion and Power at Work Right Now!