I’m passionate about Inner Leadership and you being the very most you can be to inspire and generate greatness in yourself as well as others.

Leadership isn’t just for CEOs, senior executives and managers.  Your ability to act as a leader, whatever your role at work, can make all the difference between you feeling enjoyment, success and ease or feeling frustration and powerlessness.

Enabling yourself and others to contribute, to make the extra-ordinary happen, demands that you and I as leaders grow ourselves.  It demands that you and I be inspiring role models for humanity in the 21st century.  And I’m 100% absolutely confident that we can, you and I.

How can I be so sure? Because…

I’ve relished working with thousands of people  in over 20 successful years running my personal and professional development business.   They’ve come from all walks of life, all kinds of cultures, all kinds of educational backgrounds, all kinds of racial heritages and life experiences.

And the common denominator has been the search for purpose, passion and power; to be fully alive and in command of themselves and their life… to enjoy life at work, as well as outside it!

To that end, I’ve been booked on my own Inner Leadership growth programme for over 30 years.  Only it didn’t have a name when I began it with a fire in my guts and little else at the time.

Since then, I’ve been using a wealth of knowledge and experience to help leaders of all kinds achieve  personal magnificence through presence, performance and power.  And I’ve built on some of the foremost ideas and techniques to generate fresh and highly effective approaches specifically for inside-out leadership, the essence of Inner Leadership.

And if I could jump off the page to invite you to go that extra mile with yourself, become even more of the leader you can be, I would!  That’s how passionate I am for you… as well as me.

In a previous incarnation my career was in marketing.  So I also bring knowledge and experience from the corporate coal face and executive suite to mix powerfully in the developmental work.  My experience, artistry and skills have come from many individual and organisational development systems together with the vast world of Psychology.  The wisdom’s down to me!