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Live by vision… Am I crazy???

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

No more Ms Miss Mrs Mr Nice Guy, being and doing everything you’ve been conditioned and disciplined to be and do!  No more put up and shut up or being sensible.  No more work/life balance baloney or glass ceiling ga-ga.

No more being seduced by your culture… familial. tribal, organisational or national… to fit ‘norms’, some of which are so skewed they are, without a shadow of a doubt, lunacy.  Is it just me or has bullying become the order of the day with certain kinds of pin-stripes???


Is it so crazy to live by vision, a vision within which we humans, you and I,  become self-aware and reflective; living in line with our natural integrity and self-esteem?  Human beings who, rather than being reactive robots, are able to respond with grace from our hearts, minds and souls acting as one.  Human beings who altruistically collaborate with each other and our environment for the greater good… and, therefore, our own.

I spent much of my life ‘living dead’ so I know how it is to be a reactive robot.  I also know how fabulous it is to come alive; to be and do as a free woman and a continually freeing herself woman.

That’s why, for sure, I AM CRAZY!

I am undeniably 100% intoxicated by living on purpose, by living with the kind of passon and power which comes from Unlocking The Power Of YOU! Ecstatically and divinely drunk through living by vision.  Through keeping faith with my vision of MAGNIFICENCE for all human beings…

And you… ?